SwiftMix™ Fader and MC5 - DAW Controlled Motorized Fader System

Built around state-of-the-art motorized faders, advanced transport functionality and DAW control over ethernet, SwiftMix™ combines the accuracy and convenience of digital automation with the unrivaled analogue sound of the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console. 

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Since its debut six years ago, the 5088 has redefined the possibilities of audio quality. Incorporating 90 volt power rails, discrete, class-A signal paths, and custom transformers, the 5088 is the pinnacle of Mr. Rupert Neve’s esteemed design lineage. With the introduction of SwiftMix, engineers can now enjoy the speed and recall abilities of their DAW with seamless integration in the 5088 frame. Functionality in Hand: Each SwiftMix fader channel features five illuminating tact switches and a 100mm motorized fader. The switches control DAW channel selection, DAW solo, DAW mute, channel record enable and automation mode. The automation mode switch toggles the selection between off, read, touch, latch and write, which are individually indicated with LEDs on the fader panel. A carbon impregnated fader cap provides immediate touch responsiveness, and the 100mm motorized fader is extremely accurate to 1/5mm for writing, adjusting and following of automation commands. Features: Calibrated Motorized Faders Provides VCA-less motorized fader control with .2mm accuracy on a 100mm touch sensitive fader DAW Select Selects channels in the DAW environment. Can also be used to create groups in the DAW DAW Mute Selects the channel mute in the DAW environment DAW Solo Selects the channel solo in the DAW environment DAW Record Enable Selects the channel record enable in the DAW environment DAW Automation Mode Toggle Toggles the channel automation mode in the DAW. The selections cycle between Off, Read, Touch, Latch & Write

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