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The Music Home serves as the perfect hub for your music learning needs.

Whether your dream is to have a top-notch home studio or have a great gig in the recording industry; The Music Home will get you there.

Learn the necessary tools and techniques to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles. Have the knowledge and skills from many styles in your locker to stand out from the crowd in your genre.

The Music Home offers music courses that develop you to your highest potential and, most importantly, immerse you in the music industry.

Catering for all levels of experience, whether you are just starting out, or looking to boost your skills with some additional techniques, we have the right course for you.

Imagine how awesome it would be to have a career doing something you love. Think about what your life would be like if the music production studio was your office!

Music producing is pressure-filled, hardcore, and intense… but, if you achieve success, it can be one of the most exciting ways to satisfy your creativity!

Our courses are your backstage pass to the career you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned amateur, we will give you the technical skills, insider knowledge and industry contacts to forge a successful career in music business.

Our classes are generally kept small, allowing us to work closely with each student and give the guidance you need to further their personal artistic growth.

Our instructors are more than talented musicians, more than human software manuals and more than insightful critics; they are mentors, genuinely interested in seeing students develop and grow as artists.

Their collective experience spans many fields, continents and years. They are the heart of your experience at “The Music Home”!

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  • Basics of music production

    Become a truly great producer. This is the most comprehensive course of study, focusing on every aspect of music production from the technology, software and hardware to the music theory necessary to arrange and compose great music.

    This course requires 24 weeks.

    This course will teaches you how to :
    – Use repeated patterns as the basis for a composition
    – Develop short melodic ideas into longer melodies and recognise the shape and structure of melodies
    – Use chords and chord patterns
    – Develop melodies out of chord patterns
    – Develop different accompaniment patterns
    – Create variety in a composition
    – Develop a ground bass and/or theme and variations composition

    At the end of this course you will be able to Make a final master of an audio project suitable for distribution.

  • Sound engineering - Basic techniques

    Learn the basic techniques, gain an understanding of how commercial music is produced. Learn how to record, edit, process and produce effective compositions and recordings.

    This course needs 12 weeks.

    After this course you should be able to start Editing and comping a vocal track, use the EQ, Noise gates, adding reverb to a mix to enhence accoustic depth and finally start controlling your mix by tweeking your fader levels and pan.

  • Voice

    The simplest technology technique for the best singing on stage.

    This course requires 24 weeks.

    The easiest technique for the best vocals:
    The steps you need to follow sequentially in order to reach easily the best singing techniques according to our methodology based on the recording technology are summarized in our ability through this modern technology to draw a detailed map and graph of the human voice on a computer screen and the ability to control it visually, whereas before it was limited to hearing those acoustic vibrations by ear only. Therefore now we have opened a wide horizon in front of all the possibilities of the diagnosis, control, adjustment, correction, patch, segmentation, assemblage, reduplication and trimming…

  • Electonic music

    Learn the necessary tools and techniques to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles, including drum and bass, trance, dub, and house.
    Already Pro? Get advanced with our Dubstep Course.

    This course needs 24 weeks.

    Why to choose this course?
    In this course we teach you how to get your home studio off the ground from planning and configuring your home studio hardware, to start producing your own electronic music composition.
    If you just have a computer and a dream to become a producer, you must register in this course to learn all the basics you need to realize your dream !

  • DJing with TRAKTOR

    Dive into the vast variety of possibilities offered by this software, and learn everything there is to know about TRAKTOR, to be able to create seamless DJ mixes.

    8 weeks are needed.

    New concept:
    The concept of DJ’ing has radically changed during the last decade, as the emergence of Controllers and mixing software, made way to a much easier integration into this scene, thus allowing anyone to become a DJ
    In that Spirit, The Music Home has developed an in-depth online course that will first teach students the fundamentals and concepts of DJ’ing and Mixing, and then show them how to effectively integrate these newly learned skills into TRAKTOR.

  • Oriental music production

    Start now composing and recording your oriental music at home and learn about the latest techniques in oriental music production.

    This course requires 24 weeks.

    In this course, Students will work with audio, MIDI and VSTi’s to create an original piece of Arabic music containing loops, samples and recordings of a live performance.
    In the end, the student will be able to compose an oriental tune, as well as musical accompaniment and then compose the appropriate oriental Ikaa. Also be able to add sound effects then MIX and Master the track.

  • Progressive house music

    Insightful course focusing on the processing of House Music style, as well as the designing of the sounds used.
    Perfect for anyone just getting started with House music production.

    This course requires 4 weeks.

    Basic of Electronic Music

  • Dubstep music

    We help you create a complete Dubstep track step-by-step, incorporating authentic drum sounds, bass patches, leads and effects. We will reveal all the essential tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you deliver maximum impact on a club soundsystem.

    This course needs 4 weeks.

    Basic of electronic music.

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