PreSonus Eris E66: Dual 6.5-inch Active MTM Studio Monitors

Expect accurate response, a wide frequency range, and exceptional stereo imaging with PreSonus Eris E66 powered studio monitors. With a single silk-dome tweeter positioned between two woofers, Eris E66 monitors create a large sonic sweet spot with smooth on- and off-axis response which will help you make better mix decisions. And with acoustic tuning controls to compensate for proximity to walls or corners, these monitors will sound great in just about any room. Whether you position them vertically or horizontally, PreSonus Eris E66 powered monitors are outstanding in their class.

Dual-woofer design for larger sonic sweet spot

The Eris E66 is designed with its 1.25″ high-frequency tweeter between two 6.5″ Kevlar drivers for low- and mid-frequencies. The Kevlar drivers run in parallel and cover the same frequency range. PreSonus explains that this gives the Eris E66 improved off-axis response and spatial resolution. You can expect highly detailed sound that won’t fall apart when you move your head a few inches away from your mix position.

Acoustic tuning compensates for nearby walls and corners

We’ve helped design countless studios here at The Music Home, and we know that room anomalies and bass buildup are big challenges in small mixing spaces. Even if you’re forced to put your Eris E66 monitors close to a wall or corner, acoustic tuning controls on the rear panel help reduce muddiness and smeared stereo imaging.

Position vertically or horizontally to fit your mix space

PreSonus designed the Eris E66 to serve up accurate sound and wide stereo imaging, whether you set them up vertically or horizontally. Whichever orientation works best for your studio, you can expect true sound from Eris E66 monitors.

PreSonus Eris E66 Active Studio Monitor Features:

  1. Active studio monitors with 140 watts of Class A/B bi-amplification
  2. Dual Kevlar woofers provide solid lows and detailed mids
  3. Wide sonic sweet spot with smooth on- and off-axis performance
  4. Can be aligned vertically or horizontally with equally impressive results
  5. Acoustic tuning controls help compensate for unwanted bass buildup due to room characteristics
  6. Continuously variable HF and MF controls (-6dB to +6dB) help further fine-tune the sound for your room

Detailed stereo imaging is yours with PreSonus Eris E66 studio monitors! Call us for more information!

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