M-Clock Plus – AES Grade 1 Master Clock Dual Sample Rate Converter

A High-stability Master Clock and Dual Sample Rate Converter. The M-Clock Plus is a high stability master clock generator offering clock rates from 44.1 to 192kHz, coupled to two sample rate converters, which allow material to be simultaneously re-sampled and syncronised to the selected high precision clock.

MC1.1 – Monitor PreAmp

Hot on the heels of the Drawmer MC2.1 well known for its functionality and transparency comes its new sibling the MC1.1 Monitor Preamp, offering the same fantastic sound but with a revised feature set more suitable for a less complex post production booth or home use where multiple speaker setups are not permissible or even required, and with the addition of a new RIAA phono stage the MC1.1 is a great solution for your precious turntable setup.

MC2.1 – Monitor Controller

It is imperative that what you record is exactly what you hear – this is the philosophy that is at the heart of the design of the MC2.1 Monitor Controller.
With the Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller incorporated into your system you combine the clarity, fidelity and transparency of the highest quality monitoring circuit with the complexity of a host of mix checking features. It is versatile and intuitive, but above everything else, where the Drawmer MC2.1 excels is in it’s accuracy and ability to faithfully reproduce what has been recorded.

MC3.1 – Monitor Controller

Building on the success of the MC2.1, the MC3.1 Monitor Controller is just as accurate and transparent and of the same build quality. It can still faithfully reproduce what has been recorded without colouring the sound, but comes with a much expanded feature set, including more inputs, better control, extended channel routing and a desk top ‘wedge’ form factor.

MC7.1 – Surround Monitor Controller

The Drawmer MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller is a combined 7.1/5.1 and stereo monitor controller. Designed to provide all the mix checking features required for surround recordings without compromising on those used in stereo monitoring. It has the same pristine & transparent design as others from the Drawmer monitor controller pedigree, with a rugged desk top “wedge” form factor as used in the popular MC3.1.

MPA-90 – Power Amplifier

As the perfect partner for Drawmer MC series of monitor controllers, the MPA-90 is a high performance Class D Stereo Power amplifier delivering 90W per channel into 4 Ohms (50W per channel into 8 Ohms) or, when in mono, acts as a 180W into 8ohms Monoblock.

MX30-Pro – Dual Gated Compressor Limiter

The MX30 Pro Gated/Comp/Limiter is a low cost professional quality dynamics processor. Drawing on our many years experience in professional audio we have developed a series of lower-cost Drawmer dynamic signal processors, the MX Pro range. Aimed at the musician, project studio and live performer, who is determined not to compromise on quality, but have to work to a tighter budget.

MX50-Pro – Dual Vocal De-Esser

The human voice is one of the most diverse signals ever encountered by engineers because it contains such large variations in level and harmonic structure. Getting the desired vocal sound can sometimes prove difficult. Setting the E.Q. to give the vocal sufficient ‘definition’ and ‘cut’ in the mix can cause large sibilant peaks which often lead to severe distortion. The MX50 Pro ‘Vocal’ De-Esser solves these problems quickly and efficiently by reducing the level of the sibilant sounds whilst leaving the remainder of the signal unchanged.

MX60-Pro – Front End One

The MX60 Pro Front End One is a unique mic/line/instrument input channel in a single rack space providing high quality Drawmer processing prior to tape/hard disc recording. The MX60 is also ideally suited to project studio and live sound applications. Functioning as a studio grade mic pre-amp, Program AdaptiveTM gate, de-esser, compressor, limiter, three band EQ and multi band tube saturation stage, the MX60 offers the user more options than competitive units currently available.

SDX100 – for Soundscape

The SDX100 is a mixer plug in compatible with all Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations (Soundscape 32, Soundscape 16, R.Ed, SSHDR1-Plus) and DSP powered expansion cards (Mixpander, Mixtreme) that brings the legendary quality and character of Drawmer compressors to the Soundscape platform.

SL22 – Sound Level Limiter

Whether you need to protect your speakers, your hearing whilst listening to headphones or your premises license the Drawmer SL22 Sound Level Limiter is the perfect tool for the job. By eliminating the possibility of ’unauthorised’ excessive sound pressure levels it offers strict level control and tremendous peace of mind to users in three distinct areas

Softube – S73 and 1973 Plugins

In a colaboration between ourselves and the world leading developer of audio recording software and plug-ins, Softube, the S73 and 1973 plugins have been created. With architecture that’s been modelled on our award winning 1973 Multiband Compressor hardware product, it comes in two forms, the S73, with a simple layout designed to make multiband compression easy even for the novice, and the 1973, that is as near to a software version of the hardware 1973 that could be created, with all the features and controls, as well as a couple of new ones too.

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