Software Plugins

Advanced Dynamics – for Mackie D8B

The ADX-100 is a dedicated software plug-in for the Mackie OS/Digital 8 Bus that utilizes 24 bit digital processing power to create a multitude of classic Drawmer dynamic effects. The ADX-100 is an extremely versatile dynamic effects processor and the Mackie D8B is the first mixing console in the world to incorporate Drawmer dynamics. This plug-in includes Drawmer’s industry standard frequency conscious gating, expander, compressions and limiting. The ADX-100 can be used during tracking and may very likely be the only effect you will use regularly between the microphone and the recording medium.

Drawmer Dynamics – for Pro Tools

The Drawmer Dynamics Plug-In provides premium quality gating, compression and limiting to Pro Tools TDM users, and is part of a range of digital products to emerge from Drawmer’s ongoing digital research and development program. The ‘Drawmer Dynamics’ module provides the Pro Tools user with frequency conscious noise gating, expansion, ultra-smooth compression, and transparent variable threshold ‘brick wall’ limiting. Further innovative features include the ability to trigger the noise gate from any other audio track within Pro Tools and shape the frequency response of the trigger signal.

SDX100 – for Soundscape

The SDX100 is a mixer plug in compatible with all Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations (Soundscape 32, Soundscape 16, R.Ed, SSHDR1-Plus) and DSP powered expansion cards (Mixpander, Mixtreme) that brings the legendary quality and character of Drawmer compressors to the Soundscape platform.

Softube – S73 and 1973 Plugins

In a colaboration between ourselves and the world leading developer of audio recording software and plug-ins, Softube, the S73 and 1973 plugins have been created. With architecture that’s been modelled on our award winning 1973 Multiband Compressor hardware product, it comes in two forms, the S73, with a simple layout designed to make multiband compression easy even for the novice, and the 1973, that is as near to a software version of the hardware 1973 that could be created, with all the features and controls, as well as a couple of new ones too.

Tourbuss – for Digidesign Venue

Designed with the live sound engineer in mind, Drawmer TourBuss offers four dynamics plug-ins exclusive to Digidesign VENUE systems. The Drawmer TourBuss suite includes a Noise Gate, Compressor/Limiter, Expander, and Bracketing Filter, each accessible as individual, stand alone effects and able to patch into the Venue insert points or sends anywhere along the audio signal chain and in any order, and all retaining the layout and emulate the sound of Drawmer’s renowned DS201 Noise Gate and DL241 Auto-Compressor hardware units so the live engineer should feel completely at home when using them.

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