What is a music producer?

For those looking to consider starting music production as a hobby or career, it’s good to know what exactly that entails. So, what is a music producer? What do they do?

Music producers sit a lot. They stare at a computer screen for long periods of time. They meticulously program sounds in certain patterns or arrangements. They also have the power of creation and sound design.

‘Production’ in and of itself is a fairly vague term that can mean a lot of different things. In today’s day and age, the most common understanding of a music producer is someone who creates a song from scratch using various song elements or instruments. They are essentially the backbone of pop, R&B, hip-hop and electronic music. A lot of times a single person is behind major pop hits that you hear on the radio.

In the realm of rock, jazz, country and more acoustic or live settings, their role is shifted a bit. They are more responsible for controlling the mix during recording and providing advice to musicians about how to better utilize the space and structure of their songs. Many times the greatest producers are those individuals who exude patience and the ability to see the big picture.

The question is, does this sound like something you could be interested in?