Mastering Converters

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High-end atomic clock with ten 768kHz sample rate and Acoustically Focused Clocking.
Update to its highly revered OCX clock with new 768kHz sample rate support and 4th generation Acoustically Focused Clocking technology
Two-channel mastering-grade 24-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converter, master clock and USB audio interface
Four-channel mastering grade digital-to-analogue converter with stepped attenuators and switchable output BX5 transformers.
The HEDD may just be the best analogue to digital converter around. Audiophile grade signal path. Clean or sound changing…
Audiophile grade 8-channel D/A converter designed to offer transparent yet musical performance.
Stereo A-to-D converter with switchable inputs, Clip Guard Technology, hammond transformers and emphasis control
Audiophile grade stereo D/A converter designed to offer transparent yet musical performance.
Flexible mastering-grade signal path and switching system that lets you combine your favourite piece of hardware in various configuration.
Ideal for a wide range of recording and broadcast applications, the LavryBlack AD10 builds on founder Dan Lavry's reputation for…
The AD11 stereo A to D converter offers USB connectivity, ideal for portable recording systems.
Converts analog signals to a true 24-bit digital audio data stream. Consistently used for many of today's top recordings, the…
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