RNDI - Active Transformer Direct Interface

The RNDI’s signature sound is the product of new custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers. The carefully orchestrated union of these two elements is key to the RNDI’s unique response, delivering a powerful and vibrant direct sound capable of reproducing the full harmonic depth of basses, guitars, acoustic instruments, and professional line level sources. 

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After coming into existence during an experimentation with new transformer designs, the RNDI was fine-tuned over a series of listening tests against the the most popular high-end DIs available. It was in these tests where the RNDI always seemed to add another dimension to the sound and bring the instruments to life. The lows felt richer, deeper and fuller, and the highs had outstanding clarity without any added harshness. Most importantly, the design team noted: "As musicians, the RNDI consistently stood out as the DI we wanted to play through." Noise: Measured Output, un-weighted, 22Hz-22kHz, source impedance 150 Ohms to 10K Ohms Better than -110dBV Input Impedance Instrument Setting: 2.2 Meg Ohm Speaker Setting: 200k Ohm Output Impedance Less than 40 Ohms Frequency Response +/- 0.25dB from 25Hz – 44kHz +/- 1dB from 12.5Hz – 63kHz -3dBu @ 92kHz Maximum Input Level Instrument = +21dBu Typical Speaker = +41.5dBu, 92 Vrms (266Vp-p) Maximum Output Level +11.5dBu output at maximum input level Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise @ 1kHz, +20dBu input level: 0.25% Typical (2nd and 3rd harmonic) @ 1kHz, -20dBu input level : 0.015% Typical (2nd and 3rd harmonic) @ 20Hz, -20dBu input level : 0.75% Typical (2nd and 3rd harmonic) Power Requirements Phantom power, 4.5mA @ +48VDC Weight 1.5lbs Dimensions 6.25” long x 4”wide x 1.5” high

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