Microphone Accessories

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Stand adapter for Coles 4038 microphones. Fits 5/8-27 and 3/8-16 stands.
The Beyerdynamic ST600 is a heavy duty scratch resistant stand with a round base. The ST 600 is a rugged…
The Coles 4071B is a stand adaptor with an XLR connection for the Coles 4038 microphone.
Omnidirectional replaceable head for the Flea 47 microphone or Neumann U47
Connects 4 mics and 4 micpre's through a convenient matrix .
Neumann EA1 - Nickel
Dedicated shock mount for a Neumann U87. Available in Nickel or Black.
Metal Mesh Pop Screen.
Shock mount for straight body tube microphones with a maximum diameter of 2". Suitable for Neumann U87s.
.Pop Filter for Peluso VTB Tube Microphone.
Unique dual-screen filter with ports used to prevent damage to your microphone due to high SPL audio sources.
Pop shield made from hydrophobic foam which offers unprecendented levels of transparency with higher protection from air blasts caused by…