500 Series Preamps

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3-slot horizontal 500 series chassis in a 1 unit rack, designed to allow users to create their own 500 series…
Mono 500-Series preamp module designed to give more a responsive top end
Mono 500-Series preamp mic/line module for thickening up lower mid or bass frequencies
Single channel mono pre-amp in 500 Series module with additional mid-presence
Mono 500 Series mic/line pre-amp designed to give you Neve preamp characteristics
Stereo all-valve 2U rack-mounted pre-amp with Pad, tone selection and 60dB gain
Single channel mic pre-amp for the 500 Series based on Pacifica rack pre-amp
Solid-state hand-built 2 channel 1U rack-mounted preamp from California
Single channel ribbon microphone preamp module for 500 Series
Meticulous reproduction of the original 312 mic preamp designed by Saul Walker in the 1970s and adapted to the 500…
4-channel mic preamp with an additional audio mixer with transformer balanced output.
4-channel mic preamp with variable output and 2520 Op Amps as well as a 3:1 Output transformer tap selection
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