Mastering Dynamics

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Stereo valve mastering compressor faithfully replicating Fairchild 670
Modular analogue stereo bus compressor with digital controls and plug-in automation.
500 Series Multimode 2-channel VCA compressor with SSL and dbx emulations, plug-in control and the first analogue compressor with lookahead.
Plugin Controlled Analogue EQ with 4-band parametric and Pultec sections, Mid/Side Matrix, 24dB/oct high-pass filter and improved signal to noise…
Dual-channel mastering-grade fully analogue 4-band EQ with Digital and plug-in controls and features significant improvements on the original.
Digitally Controlled Stereo Analogue Pultec Passive EQ for 500-Series with DAW Control and Automation
Stereo Pultec EQ for 500-series with DAW Control
2-slot, digitally-controlled analogue 500-series parametric EQ with Plug-in control and recall
Stereo Parametric EQ for 500-series with DAW Control
Fully-analogue audio compressor with digital controls and 5” touchscreen, specifically designed to answer the requirements of mastering engineers.
Analogue mastering equaliser combining a stereo pultec style equaliser with three band parametric EQ, high-pass filter and advanced features such…
Digitally-controlled, 100% Analogue Mastering Limiter with Clipping, Colour options, EQ and extensive metering
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