Headphone Amplifiers

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Smartphone Patch system and DI Box for silent practice and real-time monitoring reference.
Headphone Amp module designed to work with Bento chassis
A basic Hear Back system consists of a Hub and personal Mixers connected using standard CAT5E cables. A single Hub…
Three switch selectable 8-channel input sources, Digital inputs: 44.1KHz and 48 KHz sample rates.
The Mix Back is a flexible and affordable 16 x 12 x 2 x 2 monitor mixer that features two…
High-quality headphones amplifier designed to work with low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones
High quality headphone amplifier with input source selector. It has huge headroom and uncompromised sound quality.
Improved version of the superb Phonitor headphone amplifier with new monitoring controller functionality
High-quality headphone amp with VOLTAiR technology, Phonitor Matrix Presets, balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs, XLR and RCA inputs.
Compact headphone amplifier featuring the Phonitor 2s Matrix and 120V amplifier technology
SPL Phonitor X is a high-quality headphone amp designed VOLTAiR technology and Matrix for the professional or music enthusiast housed…
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