Recording Accessories

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A-Designs KGB-II Instrument Pre-Amplifier
Single-channel solid-state high-impedance instrument preamp with 3-band Tone EQ
High spec tube-driven DI box for quality live and studio work
Dual channel version of the REDDI Valve DI Box now housed in a 19” rack-mount case.
Brings the exact character of the original 1960’s Motown DI box.
High-quality, professional ribbon microphone inspired by the legendary RCA 44 ribbon microphone but improved to match modern recording requirements.
500 Series, 1 slot Blank Panel.
Rack ears for Lunchbox made of aluminium and finshed with durable black coat.
Power supply can run up to four channels (i.e pairs of TG1 or LTD-1 and a TG2).
Matched pair of Coles 4038s. Requires a 4071B for use with XLR connections.
Transform your favourite Mic Amps (with 48v phantom power) into a low noise, low distortion, high impedence instrument D.I.with Re-Amp.
Affordable AC power conditioner with front panel pop-out LED lamp units with dimmer control
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