Signal Processors

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Compressor guitar pedal designed to bring the coveted sound of API directly to your guitar chain.
Compressor pedal with EQ specifically designed for bass guitars. It is designed to give the legendary analogue API Sound to…
Dedicated remote controller for operating up to eight stereo Bricasti M7M reverbs complete with 10m serial cable.
1U rack-mounted stereo digital reverberation processor providing the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor…
serial interconnect cable used for linking several M7 or M7-M together.
M7-M Stereo Reverb Processor with no front panel controls - to be used with M10.
Includes the Bricasti M7M stereo reverb, and the M10 remote controller
Includes Two Bricasti M7Ms, with the M10 controller.
Three Bricasti M7Ms, with the M10 controller.
Includes four Bricasti M7Ms, with the M10 controller.
19 watt all tube guitar amp.
Class A mono Germanium foot-pedal overdrive for guitar players
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