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3U rack-mounted re-creation of two channel EMI TG12345 console equaliser issued in celebration of the 75th birthday of Abbey Road…
19 watt all tube guitar amp.
500 Series microphone preamp.
1U rack-mounted single-channel germanium compressor with the same all class A amp found in the GERM Pre and Tone Control…
Class A mono Germanium foot-pedal overdrive for guitar players
1U rack-mounted single channel Class A pre-amp and DI using germanium transistors by Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke
1U rack-mounted single-channel 3-band Class A active/passive germanium EQ
Chandler guitar boost pedal.
500 Series single channel germanium and zener-equipped compressor module combining Chandler’s best designs with the hottest designs from the past.
500 Series single channel 3-band EQ module with switchable passive bass filters, all discrete circuits, transformer balanced everything, and the…
500 Series microphone preamp.
1U rack-mounted hand-made preamp and equaliser derived from upgraded Neve 1073 design
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