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1-Channel Zero Distortion Preamplifier.
2-Channel Zero Distortion Preamplifier.
4-Channel Zero Distortion Preamplifier.
High quality microphone preamp for 500-series format delivering clean, uncoloured sound with virtually no distortion.
Earthworks CMK4 is a kit designed for close miking toms and snares.
Earthworks CMK5 includes 5 Periscope microphones with an extended frequency response to 30kHz, designed for close micking snare and toms.
Includes: 3 - SR25 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, 1 - KickPad, 1 - Windscreen for SR25. DrumKit System case included.
The Earthworks DK25/R for Recording Includes 2x TC25, 1X SR25, 1x Kickpad. Three microphones capture every nuance of sound from…
Instrument Microphone System inc matched pair of QTC50,1X SR30, 1x Kickpad, 3x LevelPads, 1x Steel windscreen, 3x foam.
7-microphone kit for drums including four DM20 precision engineered cardioid condenser microphones, two SR25 for overheads and one SR20LS for…
Precision engineered cardioid condenser microphone specifically designed for close miking toms and snare drums.
Short description Earthworks PM40 PianoMic System
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