Empirical Labs

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The DerrEsser is a multi function dynamic filtering device, in an 500 Series module format.
The Empirical Labs DocDerr is a brand new 500 series multi-purpose channel strip.
Single channel harmonic distortion & digitally controlled analogue knee compression.
Digitally controlled analogue knee compression with famed British Mode and stereo image link modifications.
Stereo pair of Distressors - two mono units factory calibrated including stereo link cables.
Stereo pair of Distressors (two mono units factory calibrated inc stereo link cables) including the British Mode & Stereo Image…
1U, 2 module rack for 500 series format modules.
Digitally-controlled mic preamp with low noise, stepped gain and unique compression and saturation circuit
The FATSO was designed to reproduce the warm, ambient sounds produced by older valve processors and magnetic tape machines through…
Versatile single-channel EQ with unique de-esser function
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