Grace Design

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High fidelity single channel mic preamp with Ribbon Mic mode and Grace Design’s pedigree offering musical, natural and detailed performance.
M102 - opto compressor, half rack.
Single channel mic preamp, EQ and optical compressor.
Presenting the model 201 microphone preamplifier. Built with an absolute commitment to audio performance and reliability, the model 201 is…
500 series module microphone preamplifier.
The m502 is a 500 series opto compressor module.
The model 801 is an eight channel microphone preamplifier designed to capture all the subtlety and detail that exists in…
High fidelity 8-channel mic preamp with optional Remote Control Unit and A/D Conversion card.
Remote Conrol Unit for 8-channel Grace Designs m802 Microphone Preamp
High fidelity 2.1 monitor controller and D/A converter with incredibly transparent and dynamic sound, 0.5dB increments for precise monitoring calibration.…
Multiple 5.1 and stereo analogue inputs, 24bit/192kHz digital 5.1 and stereo inputs- AES3, S/PDIF, ADAT and TOSLINK
High-fidelity two-channel headphone amplifier with Digital to Analogue conversion, PCM and DSD support and comprehensive monitoring control.
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