Rebel Technology

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Rebel Technology BitReactor Eurorack Bit Crush Module
The Rebel Technology Chronos is a flexible timekeeping and time generating module.
The Rebel Technology Klasmata is a single channel, voltage controllable Euclidean Sequencer Module.
The Rebel Technology Logoi is a voltage controllable clock divider, and trigger delay module.
The Rebel Technology Mix 01 is a eurorack mixer module, that features four inputs and two outputs with crystal clear audio replication.
Rebel Technology MIX02 Eurorack Mixer Module
Rebel Technology MIX03 Eurorack Mixer Module
The Rebel Technology Open Sound Module is an innovative WiFi connectivity module for the eurorack format.
The Rebel Technology Owl Module is an impressive, powerful multi-faceted eurorack module that provides an extensive array of sound design tools and…
Rebel Technology Phoreo Eurorack Gate Processor Module
The Rebel Technology Stoicheia is a Dual Euclidean Sequencer that generates complex evolving rhythms from a single trigger input.
Rebel Technology Tonic Sequencer
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