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Schoeps 62 Stereoset (2 x matched MK2, CMC6,SG20,B5D; case)
Schoeps 621 Stereoset (2x matched MK21, CMC6,SG20,B5D; case)
Schoeps 622 Stereoset (2 x matched MK22, CMC6,SG20,B5D;case)
2 x matched MK2H, CMC6,SG20,B5D; case.
Two CMC6 Microphone Amplifiers, Two MK4 Cardioid Capsules, A20 Dual Mic Mount, Two B5 Pop-Filters, Case.
Schoeps 641 Stereoset (2 x matched MK41,CMC6,SG20,B5D; case)
Schoeps CCM2 Flat omni
The Schoeps CCM21 Sub-cardioid microphone with directional pattern between omni and cardioid.
Schoeps CCM22 microphone spot microphone.
Schoeps CCM2H is an omnidirectional pattern microphone.
Schoeps CCM2S Diffuse field omni
Schoeps CCM3 Omni for distant placement
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