Verbos Electronics

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The Verbos Electronics Amplitude and Tone Controller is a special circuit that combines both a discrete VCA and a vactrol based VCF.
The Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator is an additive style eurorack oscillator module that's comprised of two analogue oscillators.
The Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole is a dual mode analogue filter module comprising of independent high pass and low pass circuits.
The Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator is a complex sound source that provides a variety of tonal possibilities.
The Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope is a dual multi-format envelope generator with variable response curves.
The Verbos Electronics Scan and Pan is a versatile four channel audio mixer for eurorack modular systems.
The Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage is a sophisticated control voltage source which can replicate the functions of many different modules.
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