Coles 4104PTT Broadcaster Ribbon Microphone

Noise-cancelling broadcast microphone based on a BBC (British Broadcasting) design providing high quality speech reproduction in noisy surroundings


The Coles 4104 is a noise-cancelling broadcast microphone based on a BBC (British Broadcasting) design providing high quality speech reproduction in noisy surroundings.
The Coles 4104’s unique design makes it resistant to wind noise up to 32km/h (20mph) without windshield. Add a windshield and performance increases to 64km/h (40mph) and more.
It uses a bi-directional polar patter allowing to commentators to speak into one microphone with clear individual commentary without interference. Its design makes it the ideal microphone in sports reporting, or noisy industrial environments.
The microphone uses a low-mass corrugated aluminium ribbon element, which is protected by a fine woven nylon gauze. What’s more, the ribbon element is dampened to remove unwanted resonance and control transient response.
A button is also provided which allows the commentator to activate it when talking and deactivating when silent to reject even more unwanted sound during the silent moments. It also provides a great way for the commentator to talk behind the scenes when necessary.
Coles 4104PTT Broadcaster Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

Push to talk switch
Better than 30 dB average discrimination between voice and background noise
Provides speech of broadcast quality completely free from breath noises
Flat frequency response at the controlled talking distance
Light in weight and robust in construction
Ideal for commentating and reporting purposes where background noise level is high
Good discrimination between unwanted and wanted sounds
Balanced response coming from mouth and nose for clear natural speech reproduction
Suppresses depressing noise from lips and nostrils
Clear individual commentary without mutual cross over talk



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