Hypersynth Xenophone

The Hypersynth Xenophone Monophonic Synthesizer is an analogue monophonic Synthesizer module, featuring a rich deep synthesis architecture and massive range of modulation options.


The Hypersynth Xenophone Hybrid Synthesizer is an analogue paraphonic Synthesizer module, featuring a rich deep synthesis architecture and massive range of modulation options.
The voice architecture of the Xenophone is based around a three Oscillator structure, each OSC freely tunable and is capable of producing eight different waveforms from classic fat squares to more unique waveforms like variable shape saw square.
Unlike other synthesizers in it’s class Xenophone includes four modes for it’s Sub Oscillators; one or two octaves below the pitch of it’s master Oscillator and more interestingly X-Ring, which is a XOR ring modulator between the square wave of oscillator and its sub, which is incredibly useful for creating crunchy and gritty sounds.
The onboard filter is multi-mode and offers ten different types of filtering, from familar a Moog style 24dB filter to variable cascading state filters which can filter between two slopes, the filter modes are High Pass, Low Pass, Notch, 16dB LP to 8dB HP, 12dB LP to 8dB HP and all with varying degrees of slope to craft the perfect sound.
The filter also includes a dedicated Frequency Modulation setting which takes the wave cycles from OSC1 as it’s modulation source meaning that audio rate modulation of the filter is possible, you can also play the filter and Xenophone exhibits excellent key tracking should you want to do this. 
Modulation options on Xenophone are extensive, with three LFO’s with six waves each and eight modulation slots you’re spoiled for choice. Up to 33 modulation sources and 50 targets that include pretty much every possible synthesis component, making a machine that’s comprehensive, expressive and a pleasure to use.
XEditor is a free VST program that allows for complete remote control of Xenophone via USB, allowing you to use the synth remotely within your DAW.

Three oscillator paraphonic synthesizer
Multi-mode filter with variable slopes and dedicated FM
Digital Effects including reverb delay and distortions
Three LFO’s and 8 slot modulation bank



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