Tom Oberheim SEM Pro Module

The Tom Oberheim SEM Pro, a modern recreation of Tom’s very first iconic monosynth.


The Tom Oberheim SEM Pro, a modern recreation of Tom’s very first iconic monosynth.
Introduced by Tom Oberheim in 1974, the SEM or Sound Expander Module was the first synthesizer Tom ever designed, highly regarded by many because of it’s wide tonal variety and silky smooth 12dB state variable filter.
SEM Pro is the flagship synth module from Tom Oberheim’s new lineup, it includes a very flexible precision MIDI to CV converter and a staggering array of patching options, 21- patching points to be precise.
The architecture of the SEM remains unchanged from that of the much sought after original;
Two wide range oscillators, with square and pulse waveform outputs, coarse tuning and fine tuning controls and VCO 2 to VCO 1 Sync. Modulation sources include envelope 1, external modulation input and the onboard LFO, destinations include frequency and PWM of the VCO.
The onboard filter also remains unchanged, the lush brassy 12dB filter includes a very musical resonance which doesn’t ever become overbearing or unusable. Modulation sources for the filter include envelope 2, external modulation in and LFO.
The filter has three operation modes, these include; low pass, high pass, notch and bandpass. Filters are on a continuously variable pot so very interesting and unique sounds can be generated when sweeping through the modes, especially when the filter is under intense FM.
The onboard MIDI to CV converter is where this module really shows its PRO namesake. Not only is the MIDI to CV incredibly precise, it also includes a variety of expressive destinations for velocity, controller and pressure information. Velocity can be routed to the VCO’s for example.
The control modes also enable retriggering of the onboard EG’s, filter tracking and LFO cycle reset, very handy when you want to ensure your modulation is “in time” with your performance.
If patching is your thing, then the SEM Pro has you covered. 21 eurorack compatible patching points allow for an insane amount of modulation and routing options that aren’t possible on any other synths of this form factor. Integrating modular into this synths architecture is a complete breeze.
A modern piece of synthesizer history, expertly crafted. Each SEM Pro personally signed by Tom Oberheim.
The main features of the Tom Oberheim SEM Pro Analogue Synthesizer Include
Two oscillator subtractive synthesizer
12dB state variable analogue filter
21 point patch panel
ADS envelope generators
Modern recreation of a vintage classic


Tom Oberheim

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