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The Drawmer 1960 has two low-noise mic preamps each followed by a natural sounding "soft knee" vacuum tube compressor.
It has long been recognized that vacuum tubes impart a unique 'warmth' and 'musicality' to an audio signal, but many…
Dual-channel Tube/FET stereo buss compressor designed to provide a transparent and open sound even at high compression.
Stereo FET Three-band compressor with soft knee compression an all bands
True stereo 4-band parametric equaliser inspired by the sound of the 1970’s and designed to provide stunning analogue musicality and…
Stereo three-band analogue FET saturator and width processor inspired by the highly regarded DC2476 Digital Mastering Processor.
Powerful 1U stereo compressor with four character switches and variable saturation control.
Rackmount Active Splitter.
Compact monitoring controller with three input sources and two speaker outputs with a mono/sub
Compact desktop active monitor controller with two 3 stereo source inputs, three stereo speaker outputs, talkback and a comprehensive range…
Compact surround monitor controller with Output Mute, Dim and Stereo Mix summing
Portable dual-channel Class D power amplifier providing 50W per channel into 4 Ohms or 25W per channel into 8 Ohms
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