Drawmer 1968 MkII

Dual-channel Tube/FET stereo buss compressor designed to provide a transparent and open sound even at high compression.


The Drawmer 1968 MkII is a dual-channel Tube/FET stereo buss compressor designed to provide a transparent and open sound even at high compression.
The Drawmer 1968 MkII uses a J-FET gain reduction circuit designed to provide faster compression than the original Drawmer 1960 while a 12AX7 valve is provided at the makeup gain amplifier stage. This latter stage adds up to 20dB of additional gain. To keep the sound transparent, the 1968 MkII uses a soft knee compression where the ratio increases with the amount of gain reduction.
Furthermore, it boasts improved attack times with six predefined choices: 2ms, 9ms, 15ms, 30ms and 50ms. Release time include three fixed times options (100ms, 500ms and 1s) as well as three program-dependent settings (200ms-2s, 500ms-5s and 1s-10s).
Side-chain connections are provided allowing the unit to be used in conjunction to an EQ or Side-chain signal for ducking. Switchable Big and Bigger modes use side-chain hpf reducing the amount of processing applied to the low end creating a more solid low frequency and less unwanted pumping.
Both Channel 1 and 2 include an illuminated VU meter which glows yellow when signal passes through and changes to red to signify approaching to clipping. The main VU meters can be assigned to normal ouptut levels, gain reduction or VU + 10dB for users working at high output levels.
Drawmer 1968 MkII Main Features:

2 Channel Tube/FET Compressor.
2 soft-knee compressors with variable threshold, attack, release and output gain.
Switchable BIG and BIGGER control on each channel.
Dual mono or true stereo link operation.
Side chain access and side chain listen facility.
VU metering of gain reduction and output levels.
Switchable +10dB mode on VU re-scales the meter for users working at ‘hot’ output levels.
VU red warning glow to signify ‘approaching clipping’.
Balanced +4dB XLR in/outs.
Due to customer demand we have introduced new features to the 1968 MkII:
Expanded the BIG to include BIGGER – setting the filters to 75Hz and 150Hz.
Added internal jumpers that can be configured to remove the soft clip section.
Added internal jumpers to make the output hotter by 6dB, if required.
Improvement have been made to the PSU to lower the noise floor.



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