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The alpha compressor is a Class-A Mastering Compressor with M/S
1U dual channel harmonic distortion processor capable of subtle harmonic enhancement to powerful sonic destruction
500 Series Saturation module designed to provide vibrant colouration from subtle mastering saturation, valve-like distortion or sonic mayhem.
Single Channel 500 series version of the powerful mpressor with Antilog, Auto-fast, Negative ratios and THD Boost
The elysia museq is a Class-A analog Parametric EQ with stepped controls, making it suitable for Mastering as well as…
Transient shaper tool providing powerful controls over attack and release characteristics to shape the sound
The elysia nvelope 500 is a transient shaper tool for the 500-Series format.
500 Series Class A mic preamp with two variable distortion and filter stages and intelligent onboard compressor.t
True stereo EQ featuring all Class-A topology, and a passive high frequency LC filter. Provides the expensive and open sound…
Class A, true stereo 2-slot 500-series four-band EQ module with precise stereo image and computer-selected stepped potentiometers
The elysia xpressor is a stereo compressor with a sound similar to the bigger 'brother' the elysia alpha compressor
The elysia xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor with the same design as the elysia xpressor but now…
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