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500 Series Saturation module designed to provide vibrant colouration from subtle mastering saturation, valve-like distortion or sonic mayhem.
500 Series dynamics designed to provide analogue warmth and character such as tape to tube saturation.
2 channel saturation device and soft limiter.
Overstayer M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor
Overstayer M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor
Stereo VCA compressor with Harmonics control and 2-band Shelf EQ for new sonic capabilities and streamlined workflow
The Culture Vulture is a stereo valve distortion unit. Fantastic on many things, exceptional on bass and drums. This unit…
Limited edition of the classic Thermionic Culture Vulture with Mullard and Philips factory valves, balanced line I/O with gold plated…
All-valve stereo distortion and enhancer with new features such as new drive three-way toggle Switch, 15 step drive knob, Function…
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