Thermionic Culture

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The Earlybird 2.2 is a two channel all valve pre-amp employing a balanced push-pull circuit, which as far as we…
4 Channels of EarlyBird Valve Mic Preamps with HPF
The Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard is a summing valve mixer with a total of 14 inputs and unique features.
Less audio colour, more visual colour!
Single channel valve compressor with 53dB of Gain, tighter compression, three band EQ, phantom power and pad. Doubles up as…
Mastering Version of the Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor
Original 2 Channel Classic Thermionic Culture Valve Var-Mu Compressor including Side Chain Filters
The Pullet is a passive equaliser originally designed to complement the Earlybird pre-amp. The Pullet will provide a variable Q…
Dual-channel all-valve mic preamp with distortion and EQ
Stereo tube EQ designed to add character to your master or mix bus.
16-channel summing valve mixer with attitude control inspired by the Fat Bustard
Stereo valve EQ designed for tracking individual instruments or mixbuss applications.
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