Great River

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The 32EQ is a new 500-series version of the EQ and filters from the renowned Harrison 32 Series consoles.
Single Channel EQ.
Stereo 4-band mastering EQ inspired by vintage 1081 and 1083 British Class A EQ.
Microphone Pre-Amplifier
The MEQ-1NV conveniently combines the one channel preamp ME-1NV and the one channel equalizer EQ-1NV. They are factory-assembled and tested…
16-channel analogue-summing mixer with 4-channel mic preamp designed as the centrepiece for your tracking, and mixing applications.
2 Channel Mic-Pre
The MP-500NV is a professional quality microphone preamplifier designed to re-create the vintage sound characteristics of the early 1970s large…
One-slot, single channel compressor for 500-series format using a a unique Pulse Width Modulator as the gain control element delivering…
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