IGS Audio

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Valve 500 series mic preamp module inspired by the legendary Telefunken V72.
500 series compressor inspired by the legendary 1176 rev A “Blue Face” FET compressor and limiter, with Carnhill transformers and…
500 Series Mono Fet Compressor.
500 series MS matrix with Dry/Wet mixer control.
The Double Triode Limiter is an expanded version of the Double Triode microphone preamp.
Three-band VCA compressor with adjustable crossovers for mixing or mastering application.
Stereo Transistor Preamp.
Single-channel 500 series Mic pre and Compressor with 60dB of gain, VCA compression with two stage envelope release time.
500-series valve opto compressor inspired by the legendary Teletronix LA-2A.
Tube Optocompressor.
Panzer 500 is a 10-slot 500-series module power supply. It's fully compatible with any 500 series modules.
500 series opto compressor inspired by the LA-3A and LA4 compressor and limiter.
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