LaChapell Audio

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500 Series channel strip with independent mic preamp and EQ/Compression section
500 series mic preamp offering both valve and solid-state topologies with a blend knob to give you the amount of…
500 series valve DI box using the same TrueTube technology, Drive level and thru output.
500-series transformer-less 3-band EQ based on the 583e mic preamp module. Transparent and with minimal phase shift
500-Series Valve Mic Preamp and ultra-clean transformer-less three-band EQ
500-Series Valve Mic Preamp with accessible vacuum tube option for added flexibility.
half-rack single channel valve mic preamp using the same circuit as the 983S mkII aimed at home studios, podcasters or…
High-quality two-channel vacuum tube mic preamp based on the highly popular and successful 583S 500-series module.
Two-channel all valve mic preamp and instrument input amplifier offering rich low-end response and warm melodic character
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