Retro Instruments

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The Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier has the largest feature set in any variable-mu design.
Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier matched pair
Dual-channel Pultec-style EQ with unique subsonic filtering, transformers and added HF options.
Dual-slot single channel valve compressor for 500-series rack, featuring four NOS 6BJ6 variable-mu tubes, Cinemag transformers, variable attack and recovery…
Single channel valve mic preamp inspired by the vintage RCA OP-6
All-Valve 2U channel strip featuring Class A valve mic preamp, pultec-style passive EQ, and british tube compressor.
Dual channel compressor based on the Altec 436 with additional features such as side-chain filter and stereo linking.
The Retro Sta-Level is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level.
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