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The Vermona '14 Analogue Synthesizer is a boutique quality, hand built synth constructed to exacting standards.
The Vermona DRM1 MKII Standard Trigger is an eight voice analogue drum machine, with a comprehensive array of tone shaping…
The Vermona Modular Case 104 is a triple tier eurorack and 1u compatible rack case.
The Vermona Filter Lancet is a Desktop Multimode Analogue Filter Module and is designed to add character to any audio source.
The Vermona fourMulator is a quad modulation module, featuring multi-wave four LFO's with a central sync clock.
The Vermona Kick Lancet is an analogue kick drum generator, with a single dual wave VCO and a flexible synthesis architecture.
The Vermona Mono Lancet '15 is an evolution of the iconic mono lancet synthesizer, retaining the same classic subtractive voice architecture but adding…
The Vermona PERfourMER MKII combines four complete analogue synthesizers into a single unit.
The Vermona qMI is a eurorack format Quad MIDI to CV Converter, qMI supports both monophonic and polyphonic input.
The Vermona TAI-4 is a Eurorack module designed to provide balanced audio signals out of your modular system.
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