Buzz Audio ARC 1.1

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Single channel strip dedicated to vocals featuring a microphone preamp, four-band eq, opto compression and FET limiter.


The Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 is channel strip deigned for the recording and processing of vocals and features a mic/line preamp, an audio equaliser, compressor and limiter in a 2U chassis.

The Buzz Audio ARC1.1 has been conceived with the help of many audio professionals around the world and as a result boasts a host of features. The preamp section uses the Buzz BE40 true Class A high speed amplifiers to ensure superior transient reproduction and noise performance. With a gain of up +50dB or +65dB with the +15dB switch engaged, the ARC 1.1 can accommodate all types of microphones such as ribbon microphones. In addition to the usual phantom power switch, a Mic Load continuously variable control lets you change the impedance load from 220Ohms all the way up to 5.5k Ohms, offering additional tone shaping capabilities. The Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 also features a separate Line preamp section with a Hi-Z instrument input. The Line Gain stage ranges from -10dB with the -10dB pad engaged, all the way up to +40dB. The -10dB Pad also changes the impedance from 20k Ohms to 70k Ohms ensuring a cleaner signal at high levels.

Additional controls are included on the output section including phase reverse switch with mute position a mic/line selector switch and a 10dB output gain. A Tranny switch activates a transformer introducing low frequency harmonics for a thicker sound offering further sound shaping variation.

The Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 also features a four band parametric EQ with high and Low shelvings. The Low Shelf offers a choice between 60Hz and 120Hz cut off points to offer either sub sonic sounds or bass frequencies. Using a real choke inductor, the Buzz Audio delivers a far superior sound and much focused bass. The High Shelf EQ boasts a Broad and Tight selector switch which shifts the frequency emphasis with Tight mode affecting only the high frequencies and Broad mode affecting also high-mid frequencies. In Tight mode it is also possible to simulate the effect of a Fixed Low Pass Filter. The two mid bands EQ’s are fully parametric with bandwidth controls. The Bandwidth ranges from 0.6 and 4.0 equivalent to 0.25 octaves all the way up to 1.7 octaves. Frequencies controls range from 30Hz all the way up to 7kHz for the first band and 160Hz to 34kHz. The combination of both mid frequencies, offers a wide range of overlapping bands.

An opto compressor followed by a FET peak limiter is also included and can be set to work pre- or post-EQ thanks to a three way switch. The third mode called EXT engages the compressor external patch allowing for a totally independent behaviour. With ratios including 2, 5, 10 and 20:1 the Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 can accommodate very dynamic vocal performances. Controls over attack and release let you control the sound even further with the attack exhibiting unusually fast attack for an optical compressor. Release time ranges from 100ms all the way up to 1.6s. An Auto mode is also present adopting a program dependent behaviour.

The FET Peak limiter features a threshold and a release control and can be engaged in addition to the compressor, ensuring that you do not clip your signal. Once again the limiter is accessible independently via the EXT switch if necessary although when used in the ARC main signal the limiter always features after the compression stage. The combination of the opto compressor and the FET limiter makes it a really powerful combination especially suited on vocals and a technique used by many engineers.

Each section of the ARC 1.1 can be used separately from the rest at the mixing stage. Indeed, it is possible to use just the preamp, EQ, compressor or limiter on its own. The Compressor can also use the EQ as a side chain for the compressor to make frequency dependent compression possible.

Buzz Audio ARC1.1 Channel Strip Overview:

• Powerful and flexible channel strip
• Mic Preamp with gain of up to +65dB
• Line Preamp with gain of up to +40dB
• Continuous variable Mic Load control changes the impedance for additional tone shaping capabilities
• Tranny mode adds lower frequency harmonic distortion for a thicker sound
• Four band EQ with Low and High Shelving
• Two Mid bands with wide range of overlapping frequencies
• Opto compressor and FET Peak limiter
• Ratios: 2:1, 5:1, 10:1 and 20:1
• Compression Pre or Post EQ
• Side-chain monitoring
• Each component can be accessed independently via EXT switches
• Rear XLR inputs and Outputs
• Front Hi-Z Line input


Buzz Audio

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