Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro Oscillator

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Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro Oscillator


The Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro Oscillator, the spiritual succesor the Olivier’s highly acclaimed and incredibly popular VCO Braids, a long awaited revision that certainly doesn’t disappoint.
Plaits has been completely designed from the ground up, it’s far more accessible and more user friendly that Braids ever was. Everything you need to access is on the front panel, this ethos is carried throughout the whole module. Gone are the complicated menus and searching for settings, everything including model selection (AKA Meta Mode) is available on the front panel.
Plaits shares no code or hardware with Braids, improvements include:

Floating-point DSP code written from scratch or inherited from Elements, Warps and Rings.
Band-limited synthesis used almost everywhere, producing aliasing-free results at the base sample rate of 48kHz (Braids ran at 96kHz and used naive oversampling).
High-quality Sigma-Delta ADC for CV acquisition, approaching a resolution of 16-bit (12-bit for Braids).
ADC reads are interpolated in software to eliminate zipper noise.
DC-coupled audio output, extending the range of the module to very low frequencies (Braids could not reach LFO ranges).
Lean hardware design: less HP, mA and £££.

Plaits includes 16 synthesis algorithms, they include:

Two detuned virtual analog oscillators with continuously variable waveforms.
Variable slope triangle oscillator processed by a waveshaper and wavefolder.
2-operator FM with continuously variable feedback path.
Two independently controllable formants modulated by a variable shape window (VOSIM, Pulsar, Grainlet, Casio CZ-style resonant filter…).
24-harmonic additive oscillator.
Wavetable oscillator with four banks of 8×8 waves, with or without interpolation.
Chord generator, with divide down string/organ emulation or wavetables.
A collection of speech synthesis algorithms (formant filter, SAM, LPC), with phoneme control and formant shifting. Several banks of phonemes or segments of words are available.
Granular sawtooth or sine oscillator, with variable grain density, duration and frequency randomization.
Clocked noise processed by a variable shape resonant filter.
8 layers of dust/particle noise processed by resonators or all-pass filters.
Extended Karplus-Strong (aka Rings’ red mode), excited by bursts of white noise or dust noise.
Modal resonator (aka Rings’ green mode), excited by a mallet or dust noise.
Analog kick drum emulation (two flavors).
Analog snare drum emulation (two flavors).
Analog high-hat emulation (two flavors).


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