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The Dreadbox Abyss is a 4-voice powerhouse analogue synthesizer with a vast array of sound shaping options and tools for…
Dreadbox Drips is a monophonic analogue percussion drum synth voice in modular format.
Three oscillator semi-modular synthesizer
stereo effects processor that combines an analogue Spring Reverb, Digital Delay and an analogue Chorus-Flanger together into a single desktop…
BBD Based Analogue Effects Pedal
a full Eurorack modular synth voice based upon the Erebus V2, equipped with Dreadbox’s signature 12dB 2-pole low pass filter,…
Hybrid Analogue & Digital Synthesizer and Grid Sequencer
The Dreadbox NYX is a semi modular analogue synthesizer with a flexible open architecture and unique routing options.
The Dreadbox White Line Attenuator is a compact 2HP dual mode attenuator perfect for managing your audio and CV signals.
The Dreadbox White Line Divider is a handy 2HP utility module that can be used as a clock divider and sub harmonic generator.
The Dreadbox White Line Drive is an OTA based overdrive module derived from the overdrive circuitry found on the Abyss synthesizer.
The Dreadbox White Line Dual VCA is a two channel OTA based voltage controlled amplifier module.
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