Dreadbox NYX

The Dreadbox NYX is a semi modular analogue synthesizer with a flexible open architecture and unique routing options.


The Dreadbox NYX is a semi modular analogue synthesizer with a flexible open architecture and unique routing options.
NYX would best be described as a sound designers playground, with a very well thought out workflow and a spec sheet that reads like any synth enthusiasts dream;
Two dual wave analogue oscillators with detune, dual analogue filters, reverb effects section, three modulators / LFO’s and 15 eurorack compatible patch points for inspiring modulation combinations.
Plus something rarely seen in any other synthesizer; VCO and VCF audio routing and VCF modulation routing for a true open, modular experience.
The two VCO’s provide paraphonic playing capabilities, both feature a wide operating range, independant PWM, glide and level controls, there’s also a dedicated vibrato LFO and oscillator sync for a diverse array of raw analogue tones.
The onboard VCF is dual mode and can operate as either 24dB or 12dB low pass of high pass and includes controls for master cutoff, resonance and includes rotary switch for selecting the routing of the modulators to the filter. There’s also a post slider for attenuating the signal hitting the resonance section after the filter section.
Speaking of modulators, there are three onboard which can function as pseudo attack decay envelopes, with rise and fall controls. The modulators can also function as LFO’s, with the LFO mode engaged the level slider LED displays the rate of the LFO providing vital visual feedback.
Modulator 1 and 2 are normalled to the filter and modulator 3 is normalled to the VCA, thus providing attack and decay to the VCA using the rise and fall controls. With hold engaged on modulator 3 the synth will drone, making it a cool tool for building textures and soundscapes.
As you’d expect on any DreadBox synthesizer, there’s a wealth of patching options to hand. 15 patch points in total grant access to VCO 2’s output (great for FM), modulators 1 and 2’s output, modulation wheel output, gate and CV.
Patch inputs include VCO 1 and 2, VCF cut off frequency, global pitch CV, reverb time, filter post amount, global pulse width amount, VCA gate and VCA level.
Dreadbox are big on their effects and NYX is no exception, there’s a very inspiring reverb circuit onboard that’s been provided courtesy of Crazy Tube Circuits. It’s a unique sounding reverb with lots of character and opens up a new world of sonic possibilities. 
The main features of the Dreadbox NYX Analogue Synthesizer include
Paraphonic analogue synthesizer
Semi-modular architecture with 15 eurorack patching points
Flexible open routing architecture
Onboard reverb effects from Crazy Tube Circuits
Dual VCF’s
Three routable modulators / LFO’s
Can also work as a MIDI to CV converter



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